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Though I don't respond in person or private to these questions, I read all of them and keep track so that I can create regular blog posts on a question; so watch the blog, maybe I will answer your question! If I can convince him, maybe I will even get my husband Chuck to answer some Ask the MLCer questions. If you'd rather tell me about what you are struggling with right now, great! I will take your struggles to the board of mentors so we can better understand your needs.

I will revise questions for clarity, grammar and often combine general questions; so your question may not appear exactly as you asked it and I will often not include an entire response since often your questions are embedded in background.

Think carefully about your question. In the first few days this form was public I received more Ask the MLCer submissions and so far only one of those seems to really be a question directly meant for the MLCer--former MLCer in this case. Most of the submitted questions to Chuck--yeah, he has a real name!--aren't things he can answer and they are not about his journey or feelings, but are simply general requests for advice-- the sort I answer every day. So though I will for now be passing the questions to him to see, I will probably answer them and I will certainly let you know if it is me or him. I also am not guaranteeing he will agree to answer the questions--but I am super hopeful!

Chuck was pretty excited when I told him about my face now being more public and he asked me to put him here too. I am also using his name now because he asked me to do that a few months back. So I am going to honor his request by putting a few of our personal pictures below the contact form. The Christmas picture was my failed attempt to have a family portrait for Christmas cards. The kitties just wouldn't stay still through multiple attempts--silly kitties.

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