Public Coaching Terms of Service Agreement

Thank you for requesting coaching. It is my intention to be fully transparent about the terms and give you the opportunity to back out of Public Coaching or change your request to Private Coaching if that would be preferable.

All public coaching threads are owned by The Hero's Spouse. The archives are available in thread form to subscribers, trial members and the staff. They are also being made available in discrete increments in e-book format (pdf or through an e-book reader) and may become available in print-on-demand formats as well. A discrete increment means that I will include a few coaching posts in a single e-book, depending on size; a single year may have a few issues of the e-book. These will not be available until several months (or more) after the original coaching dates. The e-book issues are sold for $9.99 (price is subject to change) and will be available for purchase either through the store on this site or (or other retailer)--depending on the availability of appropriate e-readers with suitable formatting and any in-place agreements with or other retailers).
By choosing to receive public coaching you are agreeing to these terms.

I send all completed coaching posts to you as a Personal Message. This gives you the opportunity to review the content before it is made viewable in the Archives.
The Comment-Responses are numbered for easy references and you can then tell me which numbers you would like removed or edited. For editing we may need to go back-and-forth a bit so that I get it right.

Once you agree with the edits, I will post it in the Coaching Archives board. This post will be the version that will be included in a future e-book—the only changes after that will be editing for spelling, grammar, acronyms and to change your name to an alias and I will remove all links that point to forum story threads. I will not publish until at least 6 months after the completion of that post—though at present the lead time is a year+. Upon publication I will send a pdf version of the e-book to each person whose story is included; you will not need to purchase a copy—unless you want it in a format accessible for an e-reader.

It is imperative that you let me know what to remove within a timely manner—though don't worry, I will give you time to process my post!
You may especially want to consider if the manner the dates are shown needs more changes to protect your privacy and whether any information regarding your children or custody issues should also be removed.

If these terms are acceptable to you, please complete the form below and I will send you a Payment Request.

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