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Steady Emotionally-Bonded Physical Affair
Dated in search of an emotionally-bonded (physical) affair. (These situations may have involved multiple alienators.)
Flings--sexual liaisons that are not emotionally-bonded. (Prostitutes, one-night stands, friends with benefits, affairs that simply fail to last...)
Emotional Affair
Fantasy Alienator
I suspect an affair, but don’t know.
No Affair (that I know of)
I don't Know if there is/was an affair
The alienator is gone
There was never an alienator (that was a real person)
I think the alienator is gone.
Alienator Suspected
Cohabit with alienator
Moved in with family
Has their own place
Staying with friends
At Home
My MLCer filed for divorce
I filed for divorce
We filed for divorce together
My MLCer filed for separation
I filed for separation
We filed for separation together
Nothing filed
Never a Stander
No Longer Standing

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