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Coaching Archives

The first increment of Coaching Archives available to subscribers on the forum is now available for sale as a pdf for $9.99!
This is available in a pdf while I am waiting for the Kindle Format 8 to be available on all Kindle devices. When that becomes available, I will remove the pdf version for the 90 day period of exclusivity required for the Kindle Direct Publishing Select program. After that period, I will make the pdf available if there is sufficient demand.

Left Behind! Dealing with Midlife Crisis and Infidelity When You Don't Want A Divorce
Volume 1, Issue 1
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Available Chapters

The follow chapters are available for purchase in pdf format for $4.95 each. Each chapter is packaged into a single pdf. Some may have revised or additional sections that are not available on the main website.

Part I: Midlife Crisis & Infidelity

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Part II: Mirror-Work

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Part III: Standing Actions

Balancing Love Add to Cart
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Additional Chapters

These are chapters which have been removed from the book and so they are only available for you to purchase for $8.95 each.

Life Cycle & Development

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This is an introduction to the stages of human development as outlined by Erik Erikson. The purpose of this series is to understand the stages and series of developmental accomplishments a person needs to have achieved for a smooth midlife transition. An imbalance in any stage indicates different issues and tasks for the midlife transition and may result in different behaviours. By understanding these stages a person may understand the reason for a specific MLCer's behaviours. The description of stage is followed by a review of that stage in the context of a midlife regression.

Jungian & Myers-Brigg Typology

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This series begins with an introduction to Jungian Typology which was expanded through the work of Isabel Briggs-Myers and Katheryn Briggs and is known through the MBTI, the Myers Brigg (Personality) Type Indicator. The relevance of this is because a person's less dominant type functions may surface at midlife. Overuse of dominant functions, at the expense of the lesser functions in earlier adulthood may lead to a transition of crisis levels. The MBTI has 16 total personality types. These can be grouped into eight distinct function-attitudes. This series reviews these eight groups in general followed by a review of each at midlife.

Midlife Crisis & Personality Types

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In their book Men at Midlife, Michael Farrell and Stanley Rosenberg identified 4 categories of midlife men influenced by circumstances, upbringing, training and experience and based on how they handle stress and relate to the world. They interviewed and administered a variety of tests to 322 men between 38 and 48 to reach their conclusions. This series reviews their work and reinterprets it for a crisis level context.

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