Rebirth & Reintegration
A Brief Introduction

In Transition is Liminal I said that Liminality is risky because it is about sacrificing the safe and secure path as well as the respect of others. But Liminality is not the action; it is the process of consideration that leads to the decision to leap. Rebirth and Reintegration are the acceptance and experience of the anxiety that comes from leaping without turning backwards into avoidance again.

Depression Or Anxiety? 
It is not an either or but one following the other. According to James Hollis, depression is the pressing in of the soul's purpose and a stagnation and defeat of life, whereas anxiety is a path of potential growth. But in saying this he does not mean to say that depression is bad or negative and that a person should avoided or suppress it. It is true that depression which a person refuses to release will lead to stagnation, but depression embraced--liminality that sits within the quiet cacophony of solitude and fears can be a guide through.

Anxiety is the next place on the journey; it is that point where you choose to leave the Liminal abyss and begin to climb; it is the new path, new outlook, new goals--a direction away from Accommodation toward the path of your bliss. Anxiety stands before the exit from the dark night of the soul because it brings guilt when it breaks the hope and expectations of others by removing the burden they have piled upon one's back.

Depression that is not Liminal is stagnant; Liminality is an embrace of stillness and anxiety is about action. But anxiety that is a product and result of valid progress must come from within and is brought on by forward motion--the anxiety is not the initial force acting on an object--the MLCer. f=ma, Force equals mass times acceleration. The mass that inhibited movement was the fear and stubbornness of the MLCer, the mass that works with acceleration is about the can be potentiality. Acceleration is the rate of increasing velocity; it is about motion and is the place of anxiety in the formula. The decision to change--to leap--brings anxiety; the decision to regress and avoid brings Covert Depression (Replay) and the decision to stop and avoid brings Overt Depression, though without avoidance this is Liminality.

Do you feel like a deer about two seconds after seeing the headlights?

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